Four Causes of Action Dismissed in California DePuy ASR Hip Trial, the Rottenstein Law Group Reports

On the eve of the nation’s first DePuy ASR hip replacement trial in California, the lawsuit will proceed with 10 of 14 asserted causes of action, the Rottenstein Law Group reports. According to court documents, the allegations include the following asserted causes of action in the trial (In re: Loren Kransky and Sheryl Kransky v. DePuy, Inc., et al., BC456086, Los Angeles … Continue reading

Four Major Symptoms of Osteoarthritis

Used to be named joint degenerative disease, Arthritis is a group of diseases that may produce pain, inflammation, and limited motion to the joints. Osteoarthritis is the most common disorder under this class which may number over 100 medical conditions. Each type of arthritis may have its own method of treatment since causes may also be different. Knowing the specific … Continue reading